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Over centuries, the precious metals in various ancient civilizations were God’s treasure on earth, the life key after death, and the prevalent belief was that only Gods had the power to make their people alive again; this is why Kings had buried their masks, jewelry, weapons, and even their soldiers made of precious metals with them, believing in immortality! They let beyond a great heritage and mysterious secrets we don't know. Over time, they realized the intrinsic value of precious metals in conducting trade, settling transactions, and building relationships between communities.

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Recently, scientists used precious metals in the medical, electronics, defense, technology, automotive, and aerospace industries; economists also used precious metals principally in managing risk to reduce inflation rates, increase overall returns on investments, and secure assets.

About Qirat Precious Metals

QIRAT Precious Metals provides secure, profitable and convenient access to precious metals investments, empowering individuals and businesses worldwide to safeguard their assets, diversify their portfolios, and participate in a sustainable precious metals investment global system.

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Founded to Develop

QIRAT.ORG, a precious metals green investment one-of-a-kind digital platform, plays a pivotal role in protecting investors against market volatility, safeguarding assets, maintaining savings value, diversifying income resources, and maximizing return on investment through spreading green investment technology solutions worldwide to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as nurturing a sustainable precious metals investment global system.

Our Culture

In-house, a group of professional economic experts in Risk Management, Asset Management, Credit Management, Retail Management, Actuarial Management, Commercial Undertakings Management, and Commercial Analytics Management for QIRAT are designing a new world of investment, developing a comperhensive investment portfolio (Precious Metals Commercial Undertakings) as a sustainable business model for the precious metals retail industry.

Our Business Practices

Business affairs & Commercial functions

A set of ideals and fundamental investment principles that help us achieve QIRAT socioeconomic and environmental strategies guide us when making decisions, building relationships, solving problems, and identifying social goals to how we allocate resources, make important decisions, and grow:

Social responsibility and Collaboration are the structure and guidance, especially when providing tailored or prearranged sustainable precious metals investment strategies.

Sustainability and Profitability are the goals we focus on when approaching daily business practices and conducting communications.

Strategic Commercial Relations

Commercial Undertaking is responsible for the quality, sustainability, and profitability of QIRAT's relationships with its clients and the essential aspect that governs our commercial relationships and communications with our clients to ensure that we provide services and solutions in alignment with every client's objectives and key strategies.

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A New World of Investment in Precious Metals

Eco-Friendly Investment System

Simple and paperless steps to invest in precious metals bullion.

High Reliability

We are committed to bringing together a variety of goods and services for the benefit of our clients, enabling them to coveniently view and purchase those goods.

Business Model

Precious Metals Commercial Undertakings.

Investment Sustainability

We help communities create sustainable investment growth.

Social Responsibility

We inspire, secure, and enrich our community.

Secured Vaults

$1 billion in insurance coverage for your precious metals holdings.

Market Volatility Protection

We provide Risk-Free, Profitable, and Short-Term Sustainable Precious Metals Investment Strategies.

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