Commercial Relations

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Corporate services

In an increasingly volatile market, managing operational risks is more challenging for businesses, as failure to diversify the balance sheet away from cash to mitigate risk may lead to income loss or even a fiasco due to the market's unforseen circumstances. Corporations usually hold excess cash and/or cash equivalents like Treasury bills or commercial paper on their books to cover operational risks or generate returns; meanwhile, a holistic view of commercial functions can limit risk and yield much higher returns.

At QIRAT, we help financial, commercial & industrial enterprises in managing Business Affairs and Commercial Functions to enhance their capabilities of diversifying income recourses and maximizing return on investment.

We encourage high-performing firms to integrate Commercial Functions into their operations to surpass the competition and update their investment policies with more certainty,stability, and sustainability through our risk-free, profitable, and short-term sustainable investment solutions in physical precious metals that we provide to maximize return on cash that is not required and maintain adequate operating liquidity. To open Business Account, contact us:

Commercial Partners

QIRAT conducts commercial partnerships with companies involved in the same trade as ours, banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. The main objective of these partnerships is to empower institutions to attract new client base, increase current customer loyalty, create new financial products, and foster sales to maximize profitability for all parties while controlling costs as low as practicable.

Our strength lies in our ability to work with many service/product providers, enabling partners to access complementary investment opportunities while benefitting from a single commercial contact, besides our ability to make informed, intelligent, and timely partnerships depending on a deep knowledge of the factors that have a profound effect on future profitability. If you are interested in partnering, contact us: