Why Qirat?

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Herein at QIRAT, we decided to build effectively sustainable investment growth to lead the precious metals retail markets; To achieve that, we had to beat the precious metals retail industry challenges.

1st challenge was How to add value?

Focus on the World’s development vision goals and how to implement Financial Freedom, Business for Everyone & Equality of Opportunity, especially when providing services to every client.

Commercially & Economically

We developed the precious metals retail sales lifecycle to maximize the sales ratios and optimize profitability.

2nd challenge was How to manage inflation & market volatility “risk” ?

While others ask their clients to take the responsibility “risk” of their investment decisions, we manage risk to create investment opportunities.

One of Qirat’s account benefits is that your liquidation price equals your purchase price. You won’t lose a penny!

Don’t miss to claim your profit at the plan maturity
3rd challenge was How to optimize profitability?

Great things take time, for more than a decade, full of efforts, research, examination & innovation to create and develop a new world of investment in precious metals; time is precious, Make it shine.

“We incorporate time and relationships into our operating systems”

Simply, the combination of innovation, sustainable investment activities & managing risk optimizes profitability