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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, You can apply for multiple Plans

Practically, No; You will reward 100 % profit for your investment commitment.
Technically, Yes; You carry the risk of inflation

No. We protect your investments against Market price volatility.

Our systems locks your purchase price until the plan maturity, which means that both Purchase & liquidation prices are the same.

There is no profit to claim.

Yes, You can cancel your plan anytime.

You have 7 days to cancel your plan with a full refund.
After seven days, we deduct 20 % of the cancelled plan credit due to market gain loss

We invest in Huge volumes of precious metals; We profit from price variance.

(1) Invest the same quantity of the metal type every year for 3 years.
(2) Plan period: 3 years.

(1) Invest in a quantity of the metal.
(2) Invite 9 of your family, friends, or clients within your plan period to join our community.
(3) Plan period: 3 years.

*New members must accept invitations, open new accounts and invest the same quantity of the metal you hold in your plan or more in any Plan they pick.
*Once the new members submit payments, invitations count.